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Nina Elisabet Persson----One of my most favorite female singer
This is her detailed data~

Name: Nina Elisabet Persson
Born: 6 September 1974 in Örebro, the parish of Nikolai.
Role in the band: singer and songwriter.
Instruments played: guitar, piano, harmonica & a great whisteur.
Musical education: None.
The time before: Nina grew up In Karlskoga, Vдrmland, in the middle south of Sweden. Her family often got together with other families, and there were a lot of festivals, so they would get together and sing.
She does not think she is especially trained in vocals. She took a couple of lessons, but the teacher that she took the singing lessons from, thought that in order to sing properly you had to sing really loud, and this was hard for Nina. She just sing naturally, how she think it should be done. Maybe that’s why people like it, because she do sing so naturally!.
When Nina was younger she was a promising ice skater. She skated for many years, but finally stopped, because she never won any trophies. Nina was the last to join the Cardigans, then being 18. She was introduced to Magnus by the former rhythm guitarist Matthias, who later joined the Hare Krishna's.
Former occupation: student & amusement area employee.
Earlier bands: Green Camels.
First professional appearance: opening for Popsicle at Kultur huset Jönköping, in (probably) ' 92.
The Cardigans: Joined after audition in Magnus Sveningssons apartment in october 1992.
The other Cardis: "Sings great. Very smart. Great to be around. Art direction. Artist."
Peter: "Thinks about others all the time. You can always talk to her about things."
Bengt: "When we lived in the same apartment, that’s when it was the worst. Her room was always neat and my was always messy. She has her own apartment now and when we come over, it always so neat with everything put away."
Interests: Besides music Nina likes to ride her bike. When it’s good weather outside, she rides to an island just off of Malmö. There she buys mackerel. Whenever Nina comes to a new city, she always want to do a lot of shopping.

Biggest influence on career: -----
Hobbies: Photography, Film and other arts, drinking & eating & friends.
Favourite colour: black, pink & red.
Favourite food: vietnamese.
Favourite drink: beer & whiskey (scotch).
Favourite clothes: whatever I forgot to pack in my suitcase.
Favoutite subjects in school: arts, english & literature.
Subjects in school I did not like: biology, physics, chemistry, maths and sports..
Favourite place to live: Sweden or New York..
My favourite game: Fia ned knutt (???).
Favourite singers: Etta James, Ibrahim Ferrer, Mark Linkous, Nathan Larson, Ozzy Osborne, Neil Young.
Favourite instrumentalists: Ted Nugent & Ruben Gonzalez.
Favourite composers: Satis, Holst & Michael Nyman.
Favourite groups: King Missile, The Roches, Elysian Fields, Neil Young, Buena Vista Social Club, Kinky Friedman, Cuno, Etta James, Ops/Hourbelo, Soundtrack oof Our Lives, ?, "X".
Favourite actors/actresses: Lili Taylor, Ernst-Hugo Jaregard, Roman Polanski.
Miscellaneous likes: sill, boots, Neil Yong, cameras, driving my car, good books & movies, handbags, A CAMP, Nathan Larson.
Miscellaneous dislikes: balloons, stupid TV-hosts, Eurodisco, shorts, people cracking their fingers, getting hassled..
Most thrilling experience: -----
Ambition: to remain sane & happy with whatever that takes.
5 records I'll never give away: Neil Yong "On the Beach", "Jesus Christ Superstar" vinyl signed by Ian Gillan, my Leonard Nimoy records, all my Sparklehorse records & a lot more.

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Every Little Thing 1997-2005
(Album version)

Album name: Many Pieces
Album language: Japanese
Sell: March 19 in 2003
Album song:
01 jump(jumping mix)
02 flavor
03 stray cat
05 ささやかな祈り
06 nostalgia
07 ・・・。
08 キヲク
10 Grip!
11 self reliance
13 愛の謳

Album name: Every Best Single 2
Album language: Japanese
: September 10 in 2003
Album song:
01 Pray
02 sure
03 Rescue me
04 愛のカケラ ~Steppin’ Hard Enough Mix~
05 fragile
06 Graceful World
07 jump
08 キヲク
09 ささやかな祈り
11 nostalgia
12 Grip!
13 ファンダメンタル・ラブ
14 For the moment(アコースティックバージョン)
15 出逢った頃のように(アコースティックバージョン)

Album name: commonplace
Album language: Japanese
Sell: March 10 in 2004
Album song:
01 ソラアイ
02 ファンダメンタル・ラブ
03 water(s)
04 しあわせの風景
05 country road
06 一日の始まりに...
07 life cycle
08 うらうらら
09 また あした
10 Interluido~Meridiana
11 五月雨

Album name: The ACOUSTIC LATTE( Japanese version)
Album language: Japanese
Sell: February 16 in 2005
Album song:
02 water(s)
03 nostalgia
04 愛のカケラ
05 Time goes by
06 ささやかな祈り
07 しあわせの風景
08 fragile
09 鮮やかなもの
11 愛の謳
12 Over and Over
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Every Little Thing 1997-2005
(Album version)

Album name: eternity
Album language: Japanese
Sell: March 15 in 2000
Album song:
01 Pray
02 Reason
03 switch(Album Mix)
04 Just be you
05 The One Thing
06 Get Into A Groove
07 Rescue me
08 Smile Again
09 sure(Orchestra Version)
10 Who creis for me?(Pray Reprise)
11 sure(Are you sure?Mix)

Album name: 4 FORCE
Album language: Japanese
Sell: March 22 in 2001
Album song:
01 Graceful World
02 JIRENMA(Album Mix)
03 愛のカケラ
04 Good for nothing
05 鮮やかなもの
06 sweetaholic girl
07 Home Sweet Home
08 fragile
09 No limit
10 force of heart
11 One

Album name: SUPER EUROBEAT presents Euro Every Little Thing
Album language: Japanese
Sell: September 05 in 2001
Album song:
01 For the moment(Euroverdrive mix)
02 Face the change(Melodic Remix)
03 出逢った頃のように(Pop Remix)
04 FOREVER YOURS(Euro-Pop Mix)
05 Rescue me(Melancholy Mix)
06 NECESSARY(Power Mix)
07 Future World(Euro-Power Mix)
08 Time goes by(Eurosenti Mix)
09 Pray(Delta Pop Mix)
10 Someday,Someplace(Europop Mix)
11 Shapes Of Love(Plug And Play Mix)
12 Over and Over(Traditional Mix)
13 Feel My Heart(Eurobeat Mix)
14 sure(Eurolovers Remix)
15 fragile(White Roses Remix)

Album name: Every Ballad Songs
Album language: Japanese
Sell: December 05 in 2001
Album song:
01 Over and Over
02 Time goes by
03 愛のカケラ
04 鮮やかなもの
05 今でも・・・あなたが好きだから
06 二人で時代を変えてみたい
07 I’ll get over you
08 fragile
09 The One Thing
10 One
11 sure
12 All Along

Album name: Cyber TRANCE presents ELT TRANCE
Album language: Japanese
Sell: February 27 in 2002
Album song:
01 Future World(Mike Koglin remix)
02 Someday,Someplace(DAVE202 & Phil Green remix)
03 fragile(Airwave remix)
04 Face the change(Dirt Devils vs Above & Beyond remix)
05 Rescue me(DuMonde remix)
06 FOREVER YOURS(VooDoo & Serano remix)
07 Time goes by(Darren Tate remix)
08 出逢った頃のように(Micro-Tools aka Plastic Angel remix)
09 Pray(Quo Vadis remix)
10 For the moment(system F remix)
11 Shapes Of Love(DJ Balloon remix)
12 愛のカケラ(Vincent de Moor remix)
13 Dear My Friend(Svenson & Gielen remix)
14 Feel My Heart(Moogwai remix)
15 Over and Over(Chris Coco remix)

Album name: The Remixes III~Mix Rice Plantation~
Album language: Japanese
Sell: February 27 in 2002
Album song:
01 jump(cbsmgrfc obrigado mix)
02 Over and Over(A mais querida remix)
04 The One Thing(cbsmgrfc topgear mix)
05 愛のカケラ(Smoove Mix)
06 sure(Grow Sound Mix)
07 Smile Again(JIN JIN MIX)
08 fragile(fpm bitter sweet samba mix)
09 Graceful World(PROMISED MIX)
10 Rescue me(Grow Sound Mix)
11 NECESSARY(feeling is jammin’ Mix)
12 Get Into A Groove(Sunaga’t Experience’s remix)
13 キモチ(cbsmgrfc blissfull mix)
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